NSC Program Costs

The Northshore Select Club (NSC) prides itself with our ability to provide high-caliber soccer training for competitive play.  Our program costs are the lowest in the area for any association offering Select level play.  We are able to keep are program costs low due to our volunteer coaching staff, Club-contracted training, and partnership with Soccer.com and Adidas.


Program Costs: ***Updated 3/10/2023***



Association Fee

~$820 Practice & game field rental, insurance, front office staff, referees, field development, scholarships, admin fees, etc. The Association Fee is payable in one lump sum or a payment plan with installments via the NYSA website.

Club Fee

$0 Player development, training equipment, coaches uniforms, league fees, scholarships, awards, etc.  Please Note: This fee was reduced to zero in order to offset the increase in Association fee in 2020.
Uniform Costs ~$170

Minium Package (Home Jersey(white), Away Jersey(black), Shorts (black & white), Socks (black & white), Practice Jersey(green)) Uniforms are purchased once every EVEN calendar year (2020, 2022, etc…) "Optional" Uniform Items not included

Team Fees ~$150

Most teams also collect a team fee of approximately $150 per player to cover tournament registration costs, social events, additional team equipment, etc.  This is handled entirely within each team and can vary by team.

Total Fee ~$1140


NSC and NYSA are committed to ensuring that income is never a barrier for kids who want to play competitive soccer. If your player needs assistance with fees this season, please email office@northshoresoccer.org for an NYSA scholarship application form.


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